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Contact Management
With contact management you can keep track of existing customers and accounts. You can manage all your business contacts in one easy interface. In addition, it records the necessary information such as files, documents and billing information to keep track of activity for your contacts.

Track Activity and Relationships
Associate contacts with file and billing, and specify the relationship of a contact to a file. Record the following information to keep complete track of activity for your contacts:
  • Documents
  • Bill
  • Payment Voucher
  • Receipt


File Management
File Manager is a powerful and easy to use tool that organizes and tracks all matter related information from one location. It gives you instant access to all your important legal case information likes Client, Document, Client Ledger, Workflow, Task, Court Matter, Appointment, Billing and Lawyer in charge information.

The Core of your Practice
File management organizes tacks and processes case data in systematical way. Allow quick and easy retrieval of case data when clients call, because from the File Manager you can view and access:
  • Related contacts
  • Documents
  • Client Ledger Summary
  • Workflow
  • Appointments, Court Matter and Tasks
  • Bill, Receipt and Payment Voucher
  • Custom information
Dynamic input form - user definable form
Enable user to store information related to the respective file. The input form can be created and amended easily, input fields can be added or edited easily.


Template Management
Document manager ensures a consistent output from word processor, reduces the time spent generating customized documents and helps minimizes errors. In addition, you can create a standard document which takes all the standard text from an existing document and combines it with information from a new client to reproduce the document for the new client in seconds.

Insert Custom Information
Custom matter information can also be inserted into your documents allowing you to create custom letters and documents for your clients.

Standard Document Templates
Created standard document templates helps you save time to reproduce document, helps eliminate redundant typing, formatting and proofreading and minimizes errors.

Recreate Standard Documents in Seconds
Once created, a user opens a standard from MS Word or Legal Manager, selects the file and the document is instantly created in a fraction of the time it takes to create the file from scratch.

Access Documents from MS Word or Legal Manager
Documents are saved to Legal Manager Document management system providing you with immediate access to the documents at any time from MS Word, the Document Manager and the File Manager.


Task Management
Task Management is designed to help you get organized and stay organized. This module helps increasing the ability of personnel to create tasks and manage workflow quickly and progression of file can be known instantly. In addition, it integrated with workflow setup, enables management aligns individual tasks to the proper resources and track their progress.

With Legal Manager Task management, you can:
  • Increase the ability of staff to create tasks and manage workflow quickly.
  • Track tasks, court matters and appointments easily. In addition, the calendar view provides quick overview of tasks and appointments for user.
  • It acts as a personal assistance to remind you to complete the important tasks and at the same time to attend to the overdue tasks.
  • Enable management delegated tasks and track the progress of tasks.
  • Maintain an audit trail of entries and changes.
  • Generate tasks reports for tracking, analysis or decision making.


Billing and Clients' Account Management
Billing manager allows quick and easy way to generate bill, receipt and payment voucher. In addition, this module tracks all billing activity with detailed on screen or printed reports and makes it easy to maintain a set of account transaction records for your client.

Handles all of Your Billing
Legal manager accommodates all your billing needs including itemized billing.

Build Your Bill Templates
Enable you to build your own bill templates.

Select Items to bill
Select what items to bill and how they will appear on the invoice. You may select fees, disbursements and have the entries sorted in a specific order.

Pro forma Bill
The Pro forma Bill feature helps eliminate billing problem by allowing your staff to generate Pro forma bill while providing your accounting department the authority to approved the bill.

Detailed Reports
Legal Manager maintains an up to date trust ledger with complete details of bills, receipts, payments and transactions for each client. Legal manager's client ledger reports simplify inquiries and provide the audit trails to satisfy your accountants.



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