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Leg@lManager(R) is also a GST compliant law practice management software which has been certified by JKDM (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia). Leg@lManager(R) now comes with new features to support Goods and Service Tax (GST). With these new features,  Leg@lManager(R)  can calculate the input and output tax automatically and generate relevant reports such as GST-03 form and GST Audit File (GAF) for quarterly or monthly submission. 

Leg@lManager(R) has been specifically designed to handle law firm needs. We build solutions that are 100% based on requirements from experienced law firm operators and senior partners. Leg@lManager(R) improves the workflow for case handling and management in order to shorten the document processing time and simplify the calculation process to generate professional bills to client. Furthermore, Leg@lManager(R) also help law firms to manage office account and clients' account. With Leg@lManager, law firms can easily monitor the clients' account to avoid over run cases and also profit and loss of office account.

For many small & medium sized law firms that handle hundreds of documents everyday, using Legal Manager in organizing, indexing and controlling their documents will greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of the firms.

Many law firms, however, do not see the needs or feel the urgency in rectifying the problems created when they handle documents the traditional way. The general feeling is that with a well thought out directory structure, acceptable access to the documents can be attained. The common rationale is that any added functionality offered by Legal Manager is not worth the cost of additional hardware and software, training and administration.

This article details some of the advantages Legal Manager offers, even to small law firms. Naturally, there is a wide-ranging opinion concerning essential features versus superfluous bells and whistles. Nonetheless, do keep in mind that very often when a feature that might otherwise be considered “extra” comes in handy, it evidently becomes a necessity!

What are the advantages of such a system to a firm compared to the manual system?

  1. Greater Speed in Document Retrieval:
    In a manual system, the user must know where a particular document is stored and what its name is. While most users are fairly efficient at finding their own documents, searching for a document created by someone else can take a significant amount of time. Generally, the time taken is bound to be greater than the average 5 seconds it takes for Legal Manager to find that document. It is not surprising that many users spend 5 minutes or more in searching for a document. Some even wind up recreating and retyping it!
  2. Eliminating Human Error:
    The time lost in a manual system due to human error is substantial over a long period of time. For example, a user may have stored a document in a wrong place by accident, forgotten what the document was named or even “dragged and dropped” an entire directory to some new location without even being aware of the mistakes made. When other colleagues try to access the documents, difficulties are compounded. They may have to look in four or five places before finding the required document. What if the original author of the document is out of the office due to illness, on holidays, etc? This is a regular problem many organizations face everyday. What happens when staff resigns?
  3. Control over Document Access:
    Legal Manager typically gives a firm significantly better control over document security and access. Confidential documents can be made available only to the few people who are authorized to read them. Typically these documents are accounting, human resources, trust and estate documents. The people that have access to these documents are those responsible for highly confidential client matters. By defining which group of employee has access to which type of document, Legal Manager avoids the problems inherent in password-protected documents.
  4. Managing Clients’ Account:
    The feature provides the detailed information and reporting needed to actively manage your clients’ finances and identify problems before they occur. User can easily monitor different type of client finances both received and payment to. Furthermore, user can even drill down the disbursement spent for detail analysis. The system provides powerful information that will improve user services and enhances cash flow. A wide variety of capabilities are available in setting up and controlling client accounts’ records according to user operating policies. User can set different type of receipt and payment voucher numbers according to department. User can also define a number of parameters unique to their businesses such as default clients’ bank account for receipt and payment. Furthermore, user can issue a single receipt or payment voucher for a client who has multiple matters at a single point of entry. When there is clients’ inquiry, user can see all current balance information immediately even while entering transactions.

    In short,with Clients' Account Management, comprehensive Client Ledger Listing and Trial Balance reports for Clients’ Account with detailed transaction can be generated instantly. Transfer of fund from clients’ account to office account can also be done comprehensively.

  5. Managing Office Account with GST Features
    Office Account Manager is simple to setup and it is fully integrated with Clients' Account Management. Transfer of Fees can be done easily and comprehensive office account reports such as Profit and Loss Report, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet and General Ledger Listing report can be generated instantly. GST submission can be easily done with our GST features which are approved by JKDM (Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia)

  6. Efficient Processes:
    With control over clients’ accounts, user can set the system to apply funds transfer automatically. Whether it is for fees or disbursements, the process of double entry between clients’ accounts and office accounts as well as the individual client’s matters can be seamlessly updated.
  7. Reliable Control:
    This feature provides the ability to determine the clients’ financial status and to gain control over the issue of insufficient fund. User of the system can thus legally designate a control option not to issue any further payment on behalf of that particular client.
  8. Comprehensive Reporting:
    A variety of standard reports are provided. These include Clients’ Balance Listing, Clients’ Trial Balance, Files Report, Service Tax Report, Account Statement, etc.




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